With over 30 years of experience in applying working pipeline solutions to the residential and industrial sectors; TBI has a well balanced approach to both the technical and practical sides of pipeline installation. All staff are trained in real life, working situations to gain first-hand experience, so you can be assured that you are acquiring the right product for the job and you will have the best possible chance of a trouble-free solution. This experience enables us to continually provide quality product and solutions where we take the approach of doing everything possible to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

What sets TBI apart is our consistent dedication to delivering product on time, every time and standing firmly behind any goods or services we provide. This commitment is backed by the following guarantees:

Quality Guarantee

All products and/or services delivered by TBI will be to the highest quality and if something is not right we will do what it takes to put it right.

Tomorrow Building Innovation

Firm belief to our motto Tomorrow Building Innovation.’ We offer state of the art products of highest quality, which are adapted to the latest technological developments. This focus on future technologies, environmental friendly as well as sustainability, are the cornerstones of our business philosophy.


TBI is a symbol of: Tomorrow Building InnovationWe are committed to providing our valued clients with an ongoing unrivaled level of customer service and quality with value.


Stainless Steel Potable Water System is made of grade SS304 or SS316 stainless steel material which is NO heavy metal leaching, safe and hygienic, as tested by European Union, UK and US NSF.

TBI Stainless Steel Pipe:

  • OEM manufactured by YC Inox of Taiwan, approved by PED 97/23/EC.
  • Grade SS304 or SS316.
  • Certified to BSEN 10217-7, dimension conforms to BSEN 10312.
  • Weld factor =1.0, identical to seamless, applicable for low temperature, room temperature and elevated temperature.
  • Prevent BSEN 12502-4:2004 pitting and crevice corrosion.

TBI Double Seals Press fit Fitting:

  • PREN 10352 standard fitting: dismantle & reusable
  • AS3688 standard fitting: use press tool, permanent jointing


AS3688 DN15-DN54 Destructive Test


AS3688 DN54 Pressure Cycling Test


Speed of installation

TBI stainless steel double seals
press-fit piping system is up to 5 times
faster to install than conventional
copper piping systems resulting
in savings of up to 10% on a project.

Reliability in every joint

Each TBI stainless steel double seals
press-fit joint is safely interlocked
with the connecting pipes to ensure
each joint is held together securely.

No welding on site

Every properly trained installers
can install TBI stainless steel
double seals press-fit piping
system reducing the need for
expensive specialised welders –
resulting immense labour saving.

High Safety

Each joint is simply pressed fitted
by hands, eliminating the need for
gas bottles, hoses and naked flame
which also means no hot work permits
are required.

TBI stainless steel double seals press-fitpiping system can be used by a
full spectrumof industry including: Manufacturing,food processors,
pharmaceutical,water treatment, wineries, hospitals,universities and military purposes.


TBI Stainless Steel Pipe and Fitting Catalogue 2017

Insulation of pipes and fittings
Insulation properties
●   UV resistance
●   Low Smoke, non-toxic, no release of dioxin
●   Fire retardant to UL224

PREN 10352


System installation diagram




TBI stainless steel double seals press fit piping system is a revolutionary piping system which is leading the way in stainless steel piping in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan and Japan water supply systems. The speed at which TBI stainless steel double seals press fit piping system can be installed, the integrity of each joint, and the massive labour savings elevate TBI to an industry leading piping system. With a successful evolution from its first generation, TBI system was firstly designed in Taiwan in 2000 and further developed in Hong Kong jointly by two genius industrialists, namely Mr. Lee and Mr. Benjamin Chan, both with over 30 years pipe industry experience. TBI stainless steel double seals press fit piping system is at present the most innovative green piping system in the world. The uniqueness and precision of each fitting has lead TBI stainless steel double seals press fit piping system to be recognised as supreme in quality piping systems. Thousands and thousands of TBI fittings are being produced each year, all meeting the required quality standards. This wealth of experience means TBI have now become Hong Kong’s one of most trusted pipeline product suppliers.


TBI stainless steel double seals press fit piping technology has a 25 years guarantee on all approved applications certificated by our registered consultants, and on the other hands, manufacturers generally claim that tightness of silicone seal rings can last over 50 years.

TBI system utilized silicone rubber as sealing material which comply with BS6920:2014. No color, odor, chemical and toxic substances are released from the potable water system.
It is CHLORAMINE RESISTNACE TYPE sealing material and operating temperature range is wider (from -80℃ to +316℃ liquid state).

TBI stainless steel double seals press fit piping system can withstand very high flow rates, in excess of 40m/s. Joints are very durable and each fitting has a highly visible indicator to ensure that fittings are fixed correctly. This technology is also resistant to internal, external, and bimetallic corrosion.

To provide our clients and potential clients with reliable advice based on best practices, industry experience, and thoroughly researched facts in view of providing a reliable, long-lasting pipe system solution that will fulfil their requirements.

The team of sales representatives at TBI have all been trained with first-hand practical industry experience, ‘actually out in the field’ by team members with over 30 years’ experience. This allows the team to understand best practices, whilst learning ways in which we can provide you with a reliable solution and make your job easier.

We offer you a FREE, no obligation, onsite consultation where we will assess your needs gaining the necessary information for us to apply our industry experience and research system requirements, before providing you with reliable advice and recommendations for the best pipe system for your application.


In house quality control test

●    DN15-54mm double seals press-fit fittings 

●    DN65-150mm grooved end fittings 

Offical certificate

●    DN15-54 WRAS Certificate 

●    DN65-150 WRAS Certificate 

●    JWWA Certificate 

●    SIRIM Certificate 

●    Span Certificate 

●    pren10352 test report 


Standard pipe cut length chart 

TBI AS3688 DN15-DN54 Press Tool and Jaw

Hand tool

●    DN15-54mm cutting hand tool

●    DN15-28mm grooving hand tool

●    DN35-54mm grooving hand tool

TBI cutting stainless steel pipe in
  • Cold form
    – NO deterioration of material at the pipe end
  • Burr free
  • Square end

Electrical cutting and grooving machine

DN15-28mm electrical cutting and grooving machine

DN35-54mm electrical cutting and grooving machine

DN65-150mm electrical cutting machine

DN65-150mm electrical grooving machine


Installation manual

●   DN15-28mm installation manual 

●   DN35-54mm installation manual

●   DN65-150mm installation manual

Installation Video

●   DN15-28mm installation video 

●   DN35-54mm installation video

●   DN65-150mm installation video



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